Our Team

Our team of solar installers have the experience and expertise needed  to provide our customers with the innovative solar solutions they need. There isn’t a solar solution we aren’t familiar with.

Dave Mann
President & Founder

From a beginning in the plumbing business in 1992, to radiant floor heating in 1998, to solar hot water design and installation beginning 2008, and solar PV design and installation shortly thereafter, David Mann has been comfortable adding technologies to the menu at both Mann Plumbing and  MPI Solar. David Mann and his crew at  MPI Solar remain focused on solar thermal and electric systems of all sizes, residential and commercial, and we are also excited to be increasingly involved in battery storage systems.


Mark Welk
Lead Installer

One of the best solar installers around. Mark has decades of experience in the building trades and solar energy . Mark has built an extensive knowledge base with one goal in mind: making sure that the job gets done correctly and to the highest standard of quality. His meticulous attention to every install ensures that MPI customers get the very best solar installation possible. Get in touch today and put his expertise to the test.


Amie McCarty
Director of Sales & Marketing

When you contact MPI Solar, Amie will likely be your first point of contact. Amie is the person to talk to when you want to schedule a solar assessment, maintenance on an existing system, or  some general knowledge. She’s been active in every corner of the renewables sector, from solar technology to design, since . Now, Amie puts her decades of accrued insight to work for our customers. Her mission is to help you discover a solar power system that suits your needs and fits your budget.