Calculating the Return on Investment

More often than not, one of the first questions that customers ask when we begin to work on a project is, “How much do solar panels cost?” When you’re working with MPI Solar, the quick answer is simple: not as much as you’d expect.

Curious just how much ROI you can expect with solar power? Here’s how to find out:

  1. First, calculate your average yearly energy payment by adding up your previous 12 months’ energy bills. It’s important to go back over the course of an entire year (as opposed to simply multiplying one month’s bill by 12) since energy consumption isn’t constant from month to month.
  2. Talk with an MPI Solar representative and let us complete an assessment so that we can provide an accurate estimate of the total cost of your solar power setup.
  3. Divide the overall cost of your solar power set up by your average energy costs per year, and you’ll have an idea of how long it will take to pay off your solar power system.

Even better, MPI Solar has financing options available to both residential and commercial customers, which means you don’t need to incur a sizable payment up-front to afford clean, reliable energy.

Once you’ve done the math, there are still several tangible ways your solar panels can help pay for themselves. There are tax incentives, financial breaks, and so much more that can help make your solar panels an enticing financial option as well as a rewarding environmental decision.

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