Tri North Solar PV , which is the largest installation to date for MPI , was an integral part of the construction of the brand new school; part of the challenge was coordinating with the schedules of all the other contractors on such a large project, but once we got rolling it went very smoothly!

The system is 230.4 DC KW, or 720 320 watt solar panels, mounted in a ballasted system ( uses concrete blocks, no roof penetrations) with 8 inverters and a monitoring system which allows the school to see real time and historical energy production .
The system should produce roughly 311,000 KwH per year , and save roughly $31,000 per year in energy costs, and offset over 450,000 lbs of carbon emissions every year, for 30 years or more!

This is the second large PV installation for MCCSC
MPI has installed solar on schools all over southern Indiana (mostly solar hot water) , Tri North is the biggest to date.