Solar Incentives

Solar Energy Financial Incentives

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing sectors of the renewable energy market, and for good reason. In addition to the environmental benefits, the financial gain is significant. Not only is MPI Solar ready to help you find affordable solar solutions, we can answer all of your solar tax incentive questions. The short and long-term financial incentives will help your investment in solar panels or solar storage pay for itself.

If you haven’t considered installing solar panels, maybe it is time.

A solar panel system from MPI Solar can save you money in some unexpected ways.

  • Commercial and residential customers can save big when it comes to taxes thanks to the U.S. government’s 26% federal solar tax credit that’s valid through the end of 2022. You can find additional information at the Department of Energy Website.
  • Indiana solar adopters can save hundreds of dollars every  year, for 30 years or more, on their energy bills. Indiana provides state incentives including, the assessed value of the system is exempt from your property taxes and many of the components can be sales tax exempt. Indiana like many states have solar easement and rights laws therefore neighbors cannot build structures blocking light. Check out this article on Indiana incentives on
  • You can increase the value of your home or commercial location by thousands with the installation of an average-sized solar panel system. Zillow studies have shown homes with Solar can increase in excess of 4%. CNBC Article on Solar Appreciation
  • As renewable technology improves, solar energy equipment becomes much more cost-effective. The average cost of a solar panel system has shrunk by 89 percent in the last decade. More information can be found in this Fast Company Article.

In short, doing your part to help the environment is not only responsible, but it can also have a permanent impact on your bottom line.

As you can see the incentive environment is complicated, constantly changing and traverses local, state and federal governments. When you select a solar installer make sure they are well versed in leveraging all forms of incentives.

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