“I contacted MPI Solar last fall to explore installing solar generating capacity for my electric car charging station. I am glad I did. Amy and Dave were excellent consultants, helping me refine my idea into a design tailored to my specific requirements. The installation crew was excellent and efficient, resulting in a 2.5 KW solar generating system capable of powering my car (Chevy Volt) for 10,000 miles per year, exactly what I wanted.”

– Terry Usrey

“The Monroe County History Center had MPI Solar install 120 solar panels in 2018. David Mann, Amie McCarty, and Mark Welk were instrumental in making the process of planning and installation efficient and timely. They are an outstanding team with whom to work. We now enjoy seeing hundreds of dollars less on our electric bill each month!”

— Monroe County History Center

“The installation team from MPI Solar did an excellent job putting in our panels and connecting it to our house. When one of the components was found to be defective shortly after activation, they were quickly out to resolve the problem. All my questions were answered promptly and fully. When I expand my system, I will call on MPI Solar again!”

– Dale Wedel

“In 2013 MPI Solar put 24 panels on our roof. Since then, the panels have produced a bit more electricity in a year than we get from Duke. So, we pay them only their $10/month connect charge. The panels will pay for themselves in less than 16 year, after which we will save about $1,100 a year. For electricity, we have a truly sun-powered house.”

Lee Ehman & Barbara Wilcox.

“I’ve enjoyed working with MPI Solar. From the start, they have been good communicators, adhered to their timelines, and helpful all around. The installer even went above and beyond, alerting me to an issue with my roof. This helped me get it fixed before I had water damage.”

Will Smith


And check out our case study detailing the costs and benefits of one of our real solar installations:

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